1st Summer School: Ghent, Belgium

EPATH will host their first summer school on transgender health, from June 28 – July 1, 2022, in Ghent, Belgium.

The seasonal school ‘transgender health: interdisciplinary approached’ deals with the multidisciplinary approach to the mental and physical well-being of transgender persons and their relatives. Although the scientific attention for transgender health has been booming in recent decade, the scientific curricula in the involved disciplines lack dedicated in-depth attention for transgender health. Furthermore, in the field of transgender health it is of uttermost importance that the topic is accessed from a multidisciplinary perspective, with additional attention for differences between minors and adults.

By offering advanced plenary keynote lectures by experts in transgender health from different scientific backgrounds, all participants are offered the state of the art from these respective fields. All students are expected to engage in an interactive discussion so as to obtain a better understanding of the different (complementary or opposing) insights of the different disciplines into the chosen topic. The obligated literature (two texts per keynote lecture) offer a good introduction of this respective field. In the afternoon, students can freely choose between several interdisciplinary masterclasses, which will feature selected case study presentations with a background of relevant literature, or research study proposals prepared by the participants.


  • Each day starts with 1 or 2 plenary lectures at cathedra by (a) top researcher(s) in the field of transgender health, followed by discussions with the students.
  • In the afternoon, interdisciplinary masterclasses are organized in which case studies (practical exercises) and relevant background literature and/or research proposals are presented by the doctoral students. All participants from different disciplines are invited to engage critically. Through interactive discussion and peer feedback we aim to stimulate the participants in their work. The sessions are coordinated by experts in the specific topic of the session. Topics for the sessions will contain research challenges/specific domains such as: brain research, non-binary people, e-health, sexual health, autism, fertility preservation, stigma and resilience, detransitioning, families in transition, religion & culture, … Doctoral students are required to send in a research proposal or case study through an online abstract submission system, and will be blind peer reviewed by the scientific committee of the summer school. Selected oral submissions will be presented by the participants in their session. Doctoral students with non-selected submissions will need to prepare a poster presentation.
  • There will also be tête-à-tête sessions where participants from different disciplines have the chance to book individual supervision with experts in the field of transgender health. They might want to discuss their research or a clinical case study. The information prepared by the participant will be send to the expert in advance, so the expert can give feedback during this one-on-one discussion. The tête-à-tête can be online or in person. We’ll provide a list of experts in advance, so that the students can choose with whom they would like to speak.

Criteria for recognition of the course in your doctoral training program

  • Full attendance is required for the whole duration of the summer school, including the public outreach event.
  • Each participant is required to prepare and submit either a research proposal or a case study including relevant background literature.
  • Each plenary lecture and each masterclass is accompanied by two compulsory readings selected by the key note speakers and session coordinators, which will be send out in advance. For each day, the students will need to prepare 6 compulsory readings. Additional literature suggestions will be offered.
  • Active participation is required during the interactive discussions.

More information about the program coming soon!