Scientific Committee

Organising Committee :

Guy T’Sjoen,  Griet De Cuypere, Stan Monstrey, Guy Bronselaer and Joz Motmans (Belgium),  Timo Nieder (Germany), Annelou De Vries (The Netherlands), and Walter Bouman (UK).

The local organising committee is responsible for the financial and logistic management of the conference.

Stream coordinators

The stream coordinators consist of a small group of known specialists in their discipline/field who together are responsible for the selection of abstracts, as well as for setting up the (clinical) trainings within their discipline(s).

Mental Health

  • Baudewijntje Kreukels (The Netherlands)
  • Cecilia Dhejne (Sweden)
  • Dragana Duisin (Serbia)
  • Esther Gomez-Gil (Spain)
  • Şahika Yūksel (Istanbul, Turkey)
  • Walter Pierre Bouman (UK)


  • Alessandra Fisher (Italy)
  • Yona Greenman (Israel)
  • Isabel Esteva (Spain)
  • Malene Hilden (Denmark)
  • Guy T’Sjoen (Belgium)
  • Chiara Manieri (Italy)

Social sciences

  • Zowie Davy (UK)
  • Janneke van der Ros (Norway)
  • Joz Motmans (Belgium)

Children and adolescents

  • Jiska Ristori (Italy)
  • Polly Carmichael (UK)
  • Birgit Moller (Germany)
  • Annelou de Vries (the Netherlands)
  • Karlien D’Hondt (Belgium)
  • Kaltiala-Heino Riittakerttu (Finland)


  • Stan Monstrey  (Belgium)
  • Miroslav Djordjevic (Serbia)


  • Stephen Whittle (UK)
  • Gerd Verschelden (Belgium)
  • Alexander Schuster (Italy)
  • Alecs Recher (Switzerland)

Voice and communication

  • Maria Södersten (Sweden)
  • Christella Antoni (UK)
  • Alexandros N. Constansis (UK)
  • John Van Borsel (Belgium)