J.M. Reidys

One of Killarney’s most photographed buildings and the star of many a postcard home, this iconic institution on Main Street was once home to three shops. Number 3 was a hardware shop and agricultural supply store, number 4 was a grocer’s, and number 5 was a bakery and flour merchant, now all together named J.M. Reidys. You won’t find flour stored or horses stabled in J. M. Reidy’s anymore, but you will have the opportunity to explore the history and enjoy a unique building that will take you back in time, in the heart of Killarney.

The evening will start with a welcome drink. Make sure you try the branded Guinness beer, topped of with face-printed foam. For those in favor of something else, there will also be prosecco.

Different food corners will be open during the evening. J.M. Reidys used to be a sweetshop, bakery and flour merchant and was later on renovated. Food will therefor come from the bakery, the kitchen, the wood fired oven, or the barbeque, and a vegan & vegetarian station will be set up as well.

During the evening you can choose as you please. There are different corners and tables to enjoy a class of wine, cocktail or beer. There is a courtyard with music to dance until your feet hurt, and there is a cocktail bar where you can choose from a variety of cocktail concoctions from the classics to sweet shop specials.

When registering for the conference, you can buy an additional ticket for the party: https://epath2023.exordo.com/login. If you would like someone to join you at the party who is not participating in the conference? Please contact contact@epath.eu.



More information about J.M. Reidys can be found on their website and on Instagram (@j.m_reidys)