The European Professional Association for Transgender Health (EPATH) is a registered international non-profit organisation.

EPATH stands for:

European: as the continent with 50 countries (not only EU, see WHO list of countries)
Professional:  exchange of knowledge, research, good practices in different disciplines and experiences
Association: as in ‘groups of associated persons who usually meet periodically because of common interests and objectives’
ransgender:  is used as an umbrella term referring to transgender and gender diverse people
Health: in its broadest meaning, and refers to physical, mental and social well-being.

Aims and goals

  • To promote mental, physical and social health of transgender people in Europe
  • To increase the quality of life among transgender people in Europe
  • To ensure transgender people’s rights for healthy development and well-being


  • To foster the European knowledge and skills in transgender care
  • To facilitate and extend the bonds between European countries in transgender care
  • To spread the results of research and experiences by publishing reports and organising scientific conferences and meetings and to collaborate with international organisations with the same or related aims

EPATH wishes to achieve its goals through organising a three day bi-annual European conference, and by publishing statements (see for example our language guidelines and EPATH’s Research Policy (PDF)). For more information please turn to our publications page.

If you’re a member, be sure to read our International Association bylaws (PDF). Bylaws are the heart of our association governance and structure. They were published in Dutch in the Belgian State Gazette in 2019. In December 2019 the Board has approved the additional EPATH Internal rules (PDF) as foreseen in the bylaws (Section XVII. General Provisions, par. 24). These Internal Rules are compatible with the present By-laws, so as to ensure the general work of the Association.
Our history
EPATH is a newly created association founded in December 2013, when European scholars and clinicians met in Brussels for what was called the pre-launch meeting of the EPATH (read our press release).* The widespread need for an exchange of knowledge and scholarship in transgender health at the European level was obvious in many disciplines.

EPATH was launched at the WPATH conference in Bangkok on Friday, February 14th 2014 (read our press release). In the following years, the interim-board prepared a first conference in 2015 (Ghent, Belgium), a second in 2017 (Belgrade, Serbia), a third in 2019 (Rome, Italy), and a fourth in 2021 (Gothenburg, Sweden). Meanwhile, the by-laws were drafted and published in the Belgian State Gazette (december 2018).

*Thanks to the birth parents of EPATH:

  • Aino Mattila, Finland
  • Alessandra Fisher, Italy
  • Annelou L.C. de Vries, the Netherlands
  • Dragana Duisin, Serbia
  • Gail Knudson, Canada (special guest)
  • Griet De Cuypere, Belgium
  • Guy T’Sjoen, Belgium
  • Isabel Esteva, Spain
  • Joz Motmans, Belgium
  • Karlien Dhondt, Belgium
  • Richard Köhler, TGEU
  • Stan Monstrey, Belgium
  • Timo O. Nieder, Germany
  • Walter Pierre Bouman, UK

Board of Directors (as elected in 2023)

Executive Officers of the Association:

  • Annelou de Vries: President
  • Joz Motmans: Past-president
  • Iva Zegura: President-elect
  • Timo O. Nieder: Secretary-treasurer

Board members:

  • Attila Fazekas
  • Müjde Özer
  • Koray Basar
  • Laura Garner

During the monthly board meetings, a representative of Transgender Europe (TGEU) and the European Society for Sexual Medicine (ESSM) are invited.