Student Initiative

The EPATH Student Initiative allows both graduate and undergraduate students interested and active in the wide field of transgender health to get connected. The initiative was started by two medical students (Silvano and Jonas) at the university of Hamburg currently researching transgender families:

“As students ourselves, we know how interesting and diverse the field of transgender health can be and what it can offer to young professionals. But we also know that you can sometimes feel alone and lost in this wider interdisciplinary field. Therefore, we hope to motivate, support and encourage further students to explore this exiting field and are looking forward to the opportunity to get to know fellow interested students.”

The main aims of the Student Initiative are to:

  • Connect students throughout Europe currently active in transgender health research,
  • Provide opportunities for students’ work to be presented and disseminated,
  • Reach out to students not (yet) in the field of transgender health, and

Interested in transgender health and the Student Initiative?
Contact the initiative at or join the EPATH Facebook group to get connected to students throughout Europe.