4th EPATH Hybrid Conference:
Reconnecting and Redefining Transgender Care

The theme of the fourth hybrid edition of the EPATH conference is “Reconnecting and Redefining Transgender Care“. After two years since our previous conference, and a pandemic which made human interactions and conferences go virtual to a large extend, we wish to truly reconnect with known and new colleagues. It’s also a time for redefining transgender healthcare, based on new insights, new health protocols and developing social and legal settings. The conference will – as always – center around the broad spectrum of transgender health, including social and legal aspects. EPATH continues to seek fostering European knowledge, clinical skills, education, and human rights in transgender health.

The fourth EPATH conference was postponed to August 11-13 2021, because of COVID-19. By postponing the date we hoped that it would be possible to meet you in person. We are now happy to announce that this 4th edition will take place in a hybrid format, with both on site and off site components!  This allows you to be part of our conference, whether or not you are able to travel to the beautiful city of Gothenburg, Sweden. We look forward to meeting you, be it online or in person in Gothenburg!

What is a hybrid conference?

The EPATH hybrid conference will consist of a combination of live-streamed plenary sessions on site, and prerecorded video sessions of oral and poster presentations. These prerecorded sessions will be followed by a live attended Q&A.

The plenary sessions thus take place on site before a live audience. The scientific program is the same for on and off site attendees. Of course, all attendees on site will also benefit from a social program, networking moments, and of course the beautiful city of Gotenburg!  Attendance on site holds up to 300 registrants due to COVID regulations. This might change to a maximum of 350 registrants, as COVID measures may change over the following months.

For more information, please check the program overview.

Will there be different fees for on site or off site attendance?

Yes. We will have different fees for those attending the virtual program only, and those attending the conference on site. The exact registration fees can be found on the registration information page.

Good to know:

  • As usual, different fees are in place for NGOs, students, WPATH-members or non-members. In fact, the lower online registration fees will make the conference more accessible to those in a financial precarious situation or to those unable to travel.
  • All sessions will be recorded or are prerecorded. With your ExOrdo account, you will have 60 days access to all recorded presentations.
  • Registration fees for non-members is more expensive then for members so we encourage you to become a wpath member.
  • On site registrations are limited (with the current COVID-19 regulations we only have room for about 144 people on site) so if you want to attend the conference on site, subscribe as quickly as possible. If you are not sure you will be able to travel and registration on site has not reached its maximum, you can always upgrade your online registration later to a registration on site.
  • When registering there will be an option to add on a 12-month extended access to all recorded sessions (tbc).
When do registrations open?

The registration platform will open on April 1st at 12:00 CEST.

Register here: https://epath2021.exordo.com/login

There are only a limited number of places on site, so register on time if you want to be among those registered on site.


What about COVID-19 restrictions?

COVID-19 regulations differ between European countries, regions or states. We advise you to check your national regulations before registration for an on site ticket or booking your accomodation.

The Organising Committee follows Swedish regulations on a day to day basis. Together with our host we will inform you of travel regulations. The Swedish official regulations for entering Sweden can be found here. It is advised to regularly check this information.

Find out more about our conference here:

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