Transport to Killarney

EPATH will foresee buses on the 25th of April, from the different Irish airports (Cork, Dublin, Kerry, and Shannon) to Killarney.

When you register for the conference (register here), we will ask you at which airport you will arrive and at what time. If you don’t have this information yet, you can always go back to your registration to update this with your travel information. In that way, we can estimate how many people need to be picked up from which airport at what time.

Possible time slots for transport:

  • 25/04 Cork Airport – Killarney Convention Center: 12PM or 5PM (12h00 or 17h00)
  • 25/04 Dublin Airport – Killarney Convention Center: 12PM or 5PM (12h00 or 17h00)
  • 25/04 Kerry Airport – Killarney Convention Center: 12PM or 5PM (12h00 or 17h00)
  • 25/04 Shannon Airport – Killarney Convention Center: 12M or 5PM (12h00 or 17h00)

We will also provide transport back to the airports on the 28th of April, for those who will not extend their stay in Ireland. These buses will leave after the conference (2PM or 14h00) and will each go to one of the four airports (Cork, Dublin, Kerry, or Shannon).

An additional fee will be charged for transport to and from the airports. Tickets from and to Cork, Kerry, and Shannon are €15 per ticket, and tickets from and to Dublin are €25 per ticket.

If you have any questions about transport, please contact

For more information about the local transport company, visit their website.

If you would like to book transport yourself, you can visit one of the following websites:

When arriving in Killarney, shuttle buses go to the Gleneagle Hotel every hour. See the timetable here. The Gleneagle Hotel is on walking distance of the other hotels mentioned on the website (see Accommodation).