USPATH, WPATH and EPATH stand in solidarity with those protesting the violent deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Nina Pop, Tony McDade, and many other people of color who lost their lives needlessly from police violence. These names are just a few among countless who have lost their lives. We say their names to remember their lives and see their deaths as unacceptable acts of racist violence, contrary to our values. We demand that those responsible be held fully accountable for their actions.

People of color around the globe are rising up to have their voices heard, because they are disproportionately singled out for violence at the hands of law enforcement as well as experiencing systematic racism within all societal institutions. In these circumstances, we urge all our members to publicly condemn actions that harm and dehumanize people of color.

As leaders of these organizations, we have begun to reform and/or dismantle any elements that perpetuate racism and disregard implicit bias within ourselves and the organization. Today we are re-committing to these efforts and ask our members to do the same in their organizations and daily lives.

We urge our membership to get involved within their communities by supporting protests and protesters by offering help to those protesting against police violence and systemic racism in our society, taking social distancing guidelines into account.

To support transgender people of color in this current time of crisis, please consider donating to one of the organizations on the following lists:

  • Incarceration is a major social determinant of health that disproportionately impacts transgender people of color. Transgender people of color are at particularly increased risk of incarceration during civil actions and protests. Transgender people may be incarcerated by birth-assigned sex rather than by gender identity, representing additional safety risks. Members can support incarcerated transgender people of color via donating to bail funds. For bail funds across the United States, click here.
  • For US organizations working with transgender people of color, click here.
  • Resources in Europe:
    • Trans United Europe/Trans BPOC European network, click here.
    • Trans Respect Versus Tranphobia Worldwide – A project by TGEU, click here.
    • TGEU (Transgender Europe), click here.

Please stay safe, and please forward this declaration to your colleagues and other professional associations. Download the full statement in PDF on our Statements page.