The current EPATH board is very pleased to present to its members the nominated candidates who have applied to become a board member. We have 9 candidates from several European countries and professions, and invite our members to read their background and vision for EPATH carefully before voting.

All nominated Board members are in good standing professionally and are recognized in their field. For the EPATH board, maximizing geographical, professional and gender diversity across the Board is paramount. We urge our members to take these criteria into account when invited to select their candidates of preference.

How will the voting process work?

All EPATH members (list as of June the 30th 2021) will receive a personal invitation from the WPATH secretary to vote online. You will be asked to rank the candidates to your preference, with a minimum ranking of 3 candidates. Voting is open until August 6th 2021, 5 pm CET. The results will be calculated using the Single Transferable Voting system. STV enables votes to be cast for individual candidates rather than for organisations/parties and also provides approximately proportional representation, ensuring that substantial minority factions have some representation. The outcome of the election procedure will be announced during the General Assembly at the EPATH Conference in Gothenburg.

How is the board composed?

The EPATH Board of Directors, includes four At-Large Board members and four Officers of the organization (President, Past President, President Elect, and Secretary- Treasurer). Two At-Large board members (Griet De Cuypere and Walter Bouman) will leave our board after several years of serving as Board Members. Therefor, we need two new incoming members to be elected by the membership.