Hosting EPATH 2025

EPATH wishes to launch an open call for organisations interested in hosting the next EPATH conference in 2025.

For the organisation of their bi-annual conference, EPATH has been collaborating with a local team of professionals in transgender healthcare, that acts as a host organisation during the conference. All details of the application procedure are listed below.

Conference information

The EPATH conference hosting open for bid is April 2025.

The conference opens on Wednesday morning 11:00 and closes on Friday afternoon 13:30. On Wednesday morning (9:00-11:00) there are possible meetings from EPATH-affiliated organisations throughout the day.

There are two social events during the conference:

  1. reception on Wednesday evening for approximately 700 participants,
  2. dinner and party on Thursday evening for approximately 700 participants. The dinner and party preferably take place at a venue outside of the conference venue.

After closing the conference on Friday afternoon, a board meeting and lunch is held for approximately 10 associates.

The conference will host about 500-700 delegates.

Venue requirements

The following spaces will have to be allocated at the conference venue:

  • 1 auditorium for 700 delegates
  • 10 smaller meeting rooms for 50-100 delegates
  • Space for catering (coffee breaks, lunch, reception)
  • 1 conference / secretary office
  • 1 board office
  • 1 registration counter
  • 150m² exhibition space for sponsors
  • 100m² poster space for approximately 50 posters

All spaces should be accessible for wheelchairs.

Catering should include water, coffee and tea in the morning and afternoon on at least 2 different stations.

The exhibition area should be located close to the meeting rooms and catering to attract visitors. Exhibition will be set up between Wednesday at 8:00 and Thursday at 8:00 and dismantled on Friday between 14:00 and 18:00.

A proposal for a venue for the informal dinner and party on Thursday evening, preferable outside the conference venue, should be included. Please take traveling time and possibilities between the conference venue and the dinner and party venue in account.

Please use the spreadsheet for an overview of all costs, thereby also mentioning additional costs that need to be considered, such as

  • Electricity/power supplies
  • Waste disposal
  • Mandatory cleaning staff
  • Other staff if applicable
  • AV equipment
  • Other necessary costs

Catering requirements

Please provide an offer for catering based on

  • 5 times Coffee break: coffee, tea, water, snacks (700 pp)
  • Reception for the first evening (800 pp): finger food, wine, soft drinks, water
  • Buffet Lunch for the second day (700 pp): sandwiches, fruit, water

Audiovisual requirements

The auditorium should be equipped with

  • A stage with 1-2 tables and 2-4 chairs
  • 1 lectern with microphone with tie clip
  • 2 screens
  • 1 data projector
  • 1 table microphone per podium table
  • 1 wireless microphone (2 in the auditorium)
  • Internet connection

Each meeting room should be equipped with

  • 1 table with 2 chairs for the moderator and chair person
  • Seating for the audience
  • 1 table microphone per table
  • 1 lectern with microphone with tie clip
  • 1 screen
  • 1 data projector
  • 1 wireless microphone
  • Internet connection

Please mention the costs for technicians and technical equipment if not already included, using the attached spreadsheet to indicate all costs by room, by item and by day.


Please provide a hotel room capacity of approximately 700 hotel rooms in different price ranges, indicating

  • the average price for a single room
  • if breakfast is included
  • distance to the conference venue
  • public transportation possibilities

EPATH prefers to organise the conference in a hotel conference venue, where hotel rooms and meetings rooms are located.

Bidding procedure

Eligibility criteria of the host organisation

The host organisation should consist of European members of EPATH who have paid their membership fee. The host organisation is strongly advised to seek the advice and the assistance of the President and secretary-treasurer before making an application.


The call for applications will be published on the EPATH website Only applications that consist of all the required documents, including an overview of the costs in the attached spreadsheet, will be accepted.

Applications should be send by e-mail to:

All applicants will receive a receipt to confirm their application. The EPATH board will make a first selection based on

  • Location / region
  • Suitability of the venue and meeting rooms
  • Accessibility of the venue and the city
  • Availability of hotels at an accessible distance from the venue
  • Cost calculation

The board can ask the applicant for additional information. If an application does not meet the specifications, the applicant will be informed.

When more than one application has been approved by the board, the applicants selected by the EPATH board will get the opportunity to present their bid during the EPATH 2023 conference in Killarney. All present EPATH members are allowed to vote for the host organisation of their choice. The EPATH board will announce the final decision during the closing session of the EPATH 2023 conference in Killarney.

Application content

The application shall include

  • A description of the host organisation
  • A detailed description of at least one and maximum two conference venues and hotels. Two options exist:
    • Conference Venue (Convention center) plus different hotels for accommodation. Hotel room capacity for 700 rooms, and their distance to the conference venue
    • Conference Hotel (Convention center, meeting rooms and hotel rooms in the same place) with a capacity for 700 rooms
  • An overview of the host city and its international flight connections, infrastructure and public transportation, distance from the venue to hotels, climate, visa requirements, security aspects, etc
  • A detailed cost calculation of the conference venue including costs for technical equipment, catering, mandatory staff costs etc, as per attached spreadsheet.

Download the EPATH Conference hosting application procedure (pdf) and the spreadsheet for the cost calculation (xls).

Additional Covid clause

We all are aware of the virus outbreak of COVID-19 and its possible impact on the conference. EPATH therefore reserves the right not to fulfill certain obligations, in whole or in part, and without incurring liability, if the omission is based on reasons related to the virus outbreak of COVID-19. In the case of terminating the on-site conference in Killarney in April 2023, the upcoming 2025 EPATH conference will be held in Killarney with the consequence that the hosting procedure for EPATH 2025 will be moved to 2027.


For any question regarding the EPATH 2025 conference hosting application, please contact