Call for board candidates

The European Professional Association for Transgender Health (EPATH) wants to announce a vacancy for 2 Directors-at-Large to strengthen the EPATH Board. We are looking for an enthusiastic professional, who is closely and positively involved in the field of transgender health (including legal, physical, mental and social well-being), and who has an open, tolerant and research-minded attitude towards our field, and who would like to join our current Board.

Below you can find the criteria for applying to become a Board-Member and the application form. Only WPATH/EPATH-members (membership 2023) can be candidate. Perhaps it is time now to renew your WPATH membership or to become a member. All full EPATH members are able to vote. Find more information on how to become a member here.


Use this application form to send in your candidacy. Please send a copy of your CV to to complete your application.

After nomination of the candidates by the board, elections will take place in March 2023 via WPATH. All EPATH members will be eligible to vote. The results will be communicated during the EPATH conference in Killarney.


WPATH Membership
  • Current Member of the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), in good standing, prior to the nomination
  • Supports the mission of EPATH/WPATH
  • Members shall act in accordance with the ethical standards set by professional specialty boards or other professional societies where they hold certification or membership
  • Adhere to the ethical guidelines for members of WPATH
  • Support the SOC and evidence based practice
Board experience
  • Previous board experience or an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of board members
  • Has competency, skills and experience needed on the board
Personal Commitment
  • Able to attend meetings regularly
  • Can dedicate approximately 4 hours per month to board duties
  • Can commit to a 4 years term
  • Understands the mission and vision of EPATH
Conflicts of interest
  • No conflicts of interest
  • Committed to a broad agenda to improving transgender health regionally and globally
  • Commitment to diversity and inclusiveness
  • Maintains a collegial working relationship with other board members
  • Commitment to consensus building
  • Affinity with research is required, with a preference for PhD level
Board make-up
  • The Board of Directors, which includes four (4) at large members and four (4) Officers of the organization: Including the President, Past President, President Elect, and Secretary- Treasurer.
  • When the Board selects committee members, maximizing geographical, professional and gender diversity across the Board is paramount; in addition to the prospective nominee being in good standing professionally and being recognized in their field.