About us

This newly created association was founded in December 2013, when European scholars and clinicians met in Brussels for what was called the pre-launch meeting of the EPATH. The widespread need for an exchange of knowledge and scholarship in transgender health at the European level was obvious in many disciplines.

EPATH stands for:

European:  as the continent with 50 countries (not only EU)
Professional:  exchange of knowledge, research, good practices  in different disciplines and experiences
Association: as in ‘groups of associated persons who usually meet periodically because of common interests and objectives’
ransgender:  is used as an umbrella term referring to transgender, transsexual and gender-nonconforming people
Health: in its broadest meaning, and refers to physical, mental and social well-being.

EPATH was officially launched at the WPATH conference in Bangkok on Friday, February 14th (read our press release).

Thanks to the birth parents of EPATH:


  • Aino Mattila, Finland
  • Alessandra Fisher, Italy
  • Annelou L.C. de Vries, the Netherlands
  • Dragana Duisin, Serbia
  • Gail Knudson, Canada (special guest)
  • Griet De Cuypere, Belgium
  • Guy T’Sjoen, Belgium
  • Isabel Esteva, Spain
  • Joz Motmans, Belgium
  • Karlien Dhondt, Belgium
  • Richard Köhler, TGEU
  • Stan Monstrey, Belgium
  • Timo O. Nieder, Germany
  • Walter Pierre Bouman, UK