About us

This newly created association was founded in December 2013, when European scholars and clinicians met in Brussels for what was called the pre-launch meeting of the EPATH. The widespread need for an exchange of knowledge and scholarship in transgender health at the European level was obvious in many disciplines.

EPATH stands for:

European:  as the continent with 50 countries (not only EU)
Professional:  exchange of knowledge, research, good practices  in different disciplines and experiences
Association: as in ‘groups of associated persons who usually meet periodically because of common interests and objectives’
:  is used as an umbrella term referring to transgender, transsexual and gender-nonconforming people
Health: in its broadest meaning, and refers to physical, mental and social well-being.

EPATH was officially launched at the WPATH conference in Bangkok on Friday, February 14th (read our press release).

Read more about our aims & goals and about our subdivisions.
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We thank the birth parents of EPATH:


Aino Mattila, Finland
Alessandra Fisher, Italy
Annelou L.C. de Vries, the Netherlands
Dragana Duisin, Serbia
Gail Knudson, Canada (special guest)
Griet De Cuypere, Belgium
Guy T’Sjoen, Belgium
Isabel Esteva, Spain
Joz Motmans, Belgium
Karlien Dhondt, Belgium
Richard Köhler, TGEU
Stan Monstrey, Belgium
Timo O. Nieder, Germany
Walter Pierre Bouman, UK