Transgender health care from a human rights perspective

Together with the Transgender Infopunt and with he kind support of Ghent city Council, we will organize a public event entitled: “Transgender health care from a human rights perspective”. This public event is free and open for a broad public and will take place on Wednesday 29/06/2022 in the Sint-Pieters Abby (Ghent Centre), from 7pm until 10pm.

The roundtable discussion will cover the (r)evolution of transgender healthcare guidelines and the societal and legal challenges from a human rights perspective, such as the depathologisation movement, role of diagnoses, insurance coverage, legal gender recognition,…). The discussion will be followed by a reception.

The participants of the summer school are obliged to attend the public event.

Registration for the general public will follow soon.


  • Opening word: Deputy mayor Astrid de Bruycker
  • Ben Vincent (Open University: Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, UK)
  • Masen Davis (TGEU)
  • Petra De Sutter (federal Deputy Prime Minister, BE)
  • Guy T’Sjoen (UZ Gent/UGent, Past-president EPATH, BE)

Moderation by Jonas Roelens

With the support of City Ghent