Public event

On Thursday March 12th, 2015 from 6pm – 10pm, the EPATH conference hosted a public plenary session entitled: “Human rights and health care in Europe”.  Keynote speakers presented actual challenges in the academic, clinical and policy domains of transgender health care. This session – open to the public free of charge – specifically invited NGO’s, public authorities and the general public interested in the topic of transgender health care.


Welcome addresses

  • Guy T’Sjoen, Ghent University, & Center for Sexology and Gender, Ghent University Hospital
  • Martine De Regge, Deputy Mayor of Human Resources, Facility Management and Administrative Simplification
  • Elke Sleurs, State secretary for Combating Poverty, for Equal Opportunities, for Disabled People, for the Fight against Tax Fraud and for Science Policy
  • Liesbet Stevens, Deputy Director of the Institute for the Equality of women and men

Key notes:

  • Caring for transgender adolescents: future perspectives
    by Annelou De Vries (Dept. Medical Psychology, VU University Medical Center, The Netherlands)
    Care for trans people at a young age offers a world of opportunities for them. How should care ideally look like in the future? And what obstacles do we need to tackle on our way to get to this point?
  • Fertility options for trans people
    by Petra De Sutter (Dept. Reproductive Medicine, Gent University Hospital, Belgium)
    Procreation after gender reassignment is for some still controversial. Today sperm can be frozen in trans women and ovarian tissue or oocytes in trans men prior to transition. Potential post-transition options additionally include the use of donor gametes or surrogacy. Even if all these options may not be available or wanted, fertility issues still need to be discussed with trans people prior to transition.
  • Human rights for trans people: taking stock of where we are in Europe
    by Richard Köhler (TGEU)
    The landscape of trans people’s human rights in Europe is changing rapidly. The presentation will take stock of the achievements but also identify points of concern.    

Followed by reception & announcement of Poster Award

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