During the first EPATH conference in 2015, the interim board of directors was presented. This board has the task to set up EPATH as an organisation and to prepare the bylaws .

The members of the interim board are:

  • Guy T’Sjoen: President & Director of the Scientific Division
  • Walter Pierre Bouman: Director of Communication
  • Annelou De Vries: Director of the Interest of Children and  Adolescents
  • Joz Motmans: Secretary – Treasurer & Director of the Policy Division
  • Timo Nieder: Director of Education and Clinical Training
  • Mark-Bram Bouman:  European Association For Gender Surgeons (the EAFGS) Liaison Member
  • Griet De Cuypere: WPATH Liaison Member
  • Richard Köhler: TGEU Liaison Member