The members of the official EPATH board are:

  • Guy T’Sjoen: President (until 2021)
  • Joz Motmans: President-elect
  • Annelou De Vries (Secretary-treasurer)
  • Timo O. Nieder
  • Alessandra Fisher
  • Christina Richards
  • Walter Pierre Bouman: (WPATH liaison member until 2021)
  • Griet De Cuypere (until 2021)

During the first EPATH conference in 2015, the interim board of directors was presented. This board had the task to set up EPATH as an organisation and to prepare the bylaws. In 2018 the official bylaws as an international non-profit organisation were signed and published in the Belgian Official State Gazette in 2019. Two additional board members were elected by the membership and installed at the EPATH conference in Rome 2019.

EPATH has a close working relationship with both the World Professional Organisations of Transgender Health (WPATH), the European Association For Gender Surgeons (the EAFGS) and with Transgender Europe (TGEU).