Welcome to the 3rd EPATH Conference
“Inside Matters: on Law, Ethics & Religion”

The EPATH programme features 14 global opinion-leading scientists delivering plenary lectures, 16 workshops covering the most salient topics in current transgender health, 155 oral and poster presentations. There is clearly a strong interest in EPATH, as we never before received so many abstract and workshop submissions. This edition will have the largest trans specific scientific program in Europe to date. This will be a great opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with the renowned experts and up-coming researchers and clinicians in our field. Find a conference quick overview here. Or download our Programme book by clicking on the button on the right (PDF).

Please find the Book of Abstracts of the 3rd biennal EPATH Conference “Inside
Matters. On Law, Ethics and Religion” here.

On April 11, the EPATH conference will host a “surgeons only day” in close collaboration with the European Association for Gender Surgery (EAFGS).

The EPATH board holds its promise to organise a free public event as part of each EPATH conference, in which keynote speakers Susannah Cornwall (University of Exeter, UK), Dinah Bons (Strategic Director Transgender Europe) and Vladimir Luxuria will present actual challenges in the academic, clinical and policy domains of transgender health care. This way the board hopes to foster the dialogue between civil society, politicians and academics in the region the conference is held, and opens its doors to those not able to attend scientific conferences.

In preparation of your presentation, please read the information and guidelines for all presenters, whether it be for an oral presentation, a workshop or a poster presentation. Also, we’d like to remind you of our language guidelines.